iLife 08

Today I received iLife 08. I must say, iPhoto is pretty nice. for now, I’m going to try and keep my finished photos organised in iPhoto, publishing them to the new .Mac web gallery and…

Reworked version of IR landscape

E1-IR-ulestraten_0084_1.jpg Originally uploaded by marcof. I’ve enhanced (at least, in my opinion) the IR landscape shot. Including a bit of toning.Tools:– Bibble Pro 4.9.8c– SharpiePRO local cotnrast enhancement– TonyPRO toning (forgot which tone..)that’s about it…..

Audiophile cat

Audiophile cat Originally uploaded by marcof. I have a great preference for NAD audio equipment. And I like cats. Our tabby “Mickey” seems to like NAD as well..

Infrared skies

E1-IR-ulestraten_0084.jpg Originally uploaded by marcof. My Olympus E-1 is converted for IR photography.Last weekend, we took a short walk around the village, the skies were pretty nice and I was finally able to try shooting…

I’m trying to sleep!

I’m trying to sleep! Originally uploaded by marcof. Cats are always fun. Even though they sleep 80% of their time. This is Mickey, a 17yr old tabby. She still catches birds and mice though.