Interview Bob Coulter in Akt Now!

Interview with Bob Coulter.
(rough translation from German website Akt Now!)

What do you like about nude photography?

It's rock & roll, it's naughty. Supposedly there are people who are offended or shocked by nudity. That's exactly what should be shown to them, right in their faces.

How far would you go? Do you have taboos?
I don't really have taboos or limits, it's more of a question how far a model wants to go. I never demand my models to do anything they don't want to do, but sometimes when I have an idea I really want to be shot, I try to convince them.

When is nude photography art?
When the image is not boring. Or when there are contrasts in a scene. Or conflicting subjects that transcend nudity.
I think that nude becomes art when an artist creates it. I don't really know. But I know for sure that not many nude photos are art. Not every nude photo is automatically art. Most of the times nude photography is limited to beautiful nude woman who are perfectly exposed in the photo.

Are you inspired by others?
I love the impression of images from Mary Ellen Marks book "Falkland Road". There are a few cool fashion photographers of which I don't know the names and sometimes there are ads from Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs which are interesting to me. I can transform myself into different moods in which I can shoot cool photos. I used to be a music producer and music still fascinates me. I also like to look at travel photography. Helmut Newton rocks, but he's dead.

What was your most embarassing moment?
I did not have any.

Which roles do staging and chance play in your photography?
I don't stage my photos. I don't like the look of staged photos. I don't care how much time and effort is needed to stage a scene, it always looks fake and contrived. I look for cool locations and leave them as is.
I don't like staged photos. I only need two items to make a photo great: an interesting looking model and a great location.
Accidents, like a TV playing in the background and shows something that fits what the model is doing at the moment, or someone who walks through the scene and looks surprised can make a photo great. You can't rely on these coincidences, so I don't really think about it.

I have no clue how a photographer can make a whale jump out of the water just 50 meters from him. I don't have that patience. The hardest part in my shooting is finding a good location.
I shoot exactly the same as I produced music. The simpler, the better. I trust my insticts.

Which project would you love to do?
I'd love it if big art galleries or museums would display my photos, like the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
I would also love to see my pictures in mainstream magazines like Vogue. My photos have never been shown in magazines or fashion ads.
So far, I've only published my photos on my own websit ( I feel a need to grow and expand in my profession though.