Interview Bob Coulter in Akt Now!

Interview with Bob Coulter.(rough translation from German website Akt Now!) What do you like about nude photography? It's rock & roll, it's naughty. Supposedly there are people who are offended or shocked by nudity. That's…

Device size vs LTE

If I’m right, we will start seeing smaller LTE Android handset sets a year or so from now, and the tech press will collectively forget the “bigger is inherently better” mindset that pervades phone reviews…

Computer Virus Infection at JAXA

1. Possible leaked information As the computer was used by an employee who is involved in the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV, a cargo transporter to the International Space Station,) the following information was potentially compromised….

Switching Google for Bing

The great thing is, of course, you can just switch. Hit up your browser preferences, and swap your default to Bing. I know, I know, but yes I’m serious. Sure, Bing had a rocky start….

Listen to Music With Your Friends

Today, with music services on Facebook, there’s a new way to listen with friends. This feature lets you listen along with any of your friends who are currently listening to music. You can also listen…